With a sudden yen for some Mediterranean inspiration I recently undertook a Field Trip with the family to the wonderful region of Catalonia in Spain and spent an idyllic week at Mother's Garden, surrounded by olive groves and almond orchards, good friends and sunshine. Heaven! 

Nearly as heavenly was the revelation that the humble and tasty but jolly awkward nut case of the almond is a pesky demon to crack. I do love a nutty challenge but a crack too far and all you end up with is a crushed nut and an air of despondency. Using the conventional nutcracker, precise pressure, positioning and control are required to ensure that the nuts are not crushed in the frenzy of the shell cracking experience and life is far too short to spend on such fractious nut escapades.

There are industrial looking, not too pretty precision control nut crackers available in Spain and other Continental cousins but a dearth of such objects back in the UK. With this glaring hole in the market to fill and definite room for improvement on those that are to hand abroad, I felt I had no choice but to arm myself with a bag of nuts and hit the drawing board.

Bronzed, inspired, not to mention rakishly good looking, once back in the UK I reluctantly ditched the "I Heart Shepherds Huts" t-shirt, swiftly donned the "Tough Nut to Crack" fetching ensemble as I do like to dress for the part and with Team Almond fully briefed (there's a cast of 1,000's here at TIwKs) I set to work developing a nut cracking prototype. After many weeks of intense adjustments and cracking refinements here we have The King Nutter!

With its elegant lines and aesthetic appearance, The King Nutter has been technically honed to perfect that precision nut cracking experience. Not just those awkward almonds but any nut with a shell that might take your fancy.

Forged in the finest of our very own home grown British Steel, plus Brass from these shores, the King Nutter combines robust manufacture with the trademark TIwKs quirky quintessential East Anglian quality and is a fine and unique addition to any nut friendly household.

Coming to a Thurgarton Iron Works near you soon - for further King Nutter details in the interim please ring me on 01263 768077 or email me at mail@thurgartonironworks.co.uk