Established in 1978 my work has always been a puzzle to the wide world.  "Thurgarton Iron Works" is my answer to the question I always find hard to answer.  "What do you do?"  Well, this Thurgarton Iron Works site is now here to solve this problem.

The main workshop is tucked deep in the Norfolk countryside, well away from thieves and wandering vagabonds and only revealed to customers and nice people.  I am a very lucky man and have been blessed with the custom of some very nice people.  Life is all about people at the end of the day and if you can pass this way among the best natured of them then you can count yourself lucky too.  Do your best, help others, don't drop litter and wash your hands at least once a day and then the world is a smashing place.

My work ethic is always do a job as if it was your own.  Never take a short cut as it is better to do the job right in the first place than have to go back and do it again.

"Artisan" Services offered:-

Wood turning
Metal turning
Welding (stick and Mig)
Silver Soldering
Soft Soldering
Machining Plastics
Working in brass, steel, stainless steel, zinc, lead, cast iron, cast brass and alloys
Rally brass plaque engraving

Early projects included:-

Rebuild of derelict Turret Clock - face works, strike bell and copper  weathervane for Sth. Pickenham Hall 
Built stainless steel mounting pad and clasp, fitted by the Altar in Norwich Cathedral for the "University Mace"

Recent projects:-

Rebuild of 1934 Lagonda car fuel tank
Machined 200 plastic filter funnels
Remake of period lamp for electric lighting
Restored worn brass cased Edwardian Door locks
Forged in iron mirror/candle mounts
Built and fit internal period door security bar
Set of iron railings and gate for listed building
Zinc liner for jardinière
Wooden axles turned for new chicken house on iron wheels

Current projects:-

Copper weathervane
Bureau lid drop arm hinge in brass
Walled garden doors to rebuild
Restore early Shepherds Hut - timber frame on iron wheels
Build a new Shepherds-type Hut from scratch
(The restoration project was filmed by a local TV company for the Bygones series and broadcast last Autumn.  See Home Page for details).  Also see The Taming of Miss Bottifont  page and all will become clear!

Repair axles for 3 wheel Shepherds Hut at Weybourne

For a pictorial extravaganza of my projects, please hop on over to A Medley of Projects for the full visual experience!                                    

Most projects that I work on are "one-offs" so a lot of time is devoted to research, planning and the sourcing of materials.  Every job is a bit like developing a prototype, and we all know how time consuming that can be!  A job on a machine may take an hour to set up and then 5 minutes to complete.

As you can see, I offer a wide range of services and there's never a dull day at Thurgarton Iron Works!

Richard King

Circa 1972 and where it all began.  This 1946 BSA B31 costing £5.00 was my first restoration project (aged 10).  I rode her around Snetterton Race Track when I was 11 with the Vintage Bike Club and I still have her today.  We're growing old gracefully together with lots of happy memories!