BBC's "Look East" Today - The Olympics Tomorrow (or 2012) -

Carrying on with the tradition of never a dull moment at Thurgarton Iron Works, a small piece of the 2012 Olympic action headed our way a couple of weeks ago.  Not that we're for the high jump.  Or against it for that matter ....  I digress.

"Artists Taking the Lead" is part of London 2012's Cultural Olympiad and challenged artists across the UK to submit ideas for works of art to celebrate 2012.  It is being delivered and funded by the Arts Councils of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and will result in twelve commissions, one in each of the English regions and one in each of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Out of the 2163 submissions received across theUK, 59 have been shortlisted, with between 3 and 5 shortlisted commissions in each nation or region.

Now for the interesting bit ...

"Hutliving" has been shortlisted for the Artists Taking the Lead commission in the East!   

Nancy J. Clemance proposes Hutliving Project, commissioning artists from a wide range of disciplines to make a creative response to individual shepherd huts across the region's countryside. These dwellings are currently in varied states of repair, with some being permanently occupied and others in the process of being brought back to life. The specific location of each hut will inspire the shape and look of the artistic commissions and reveal a historical map that reflects a slower pace of life in contrast to our overloaded-consumer generation. From this a new map will emerge to encourage visitors and, by June 2012, it will feature a trail of the finished commissions. Each will be located at least within or nearby their hut and help to provide a new interpretation of England's rural history, complemented by a series of public events at regional galleries.

As part of this Hutliving Project, I was contacted by Nancy Clemance and both myself and Cristina of Kirtling were filmed and interviewed by BBC's Look East.  Miss Kimberley was also interviewed but alas this footage ended up on the floor of the editing suite and failed to receive air time.  We were robbed!

But do not despair, Thurgarton Iron Works have their own pictorials from the day ….. starring Digger, Shaun Peel and Miss Kimberley ….

The winners from each region will be announced during October, so keep checking back!  Or check out their website at

STOP PRESS!  Hut Date: 10th September, 2009 -  Miss Kimberley (and the Team Thurgarton Backup & Transport ensemble) will be travelling from Norfolk to Luton on 5th October to appear before the Judging Panel as part of Nancy J. Clemance's Hutliving project.  This is getting so exciting .....!

MORE STOP PRESS!  Hut Date: 11th September, 2009  Keep up to date with the Hutliving Project by reading Nancy's Project Blog.

COULD THIS BE MORE STOP PRESS?  Yes, the 5th October has been and gone and Miss Kimberley has been and gone to Luton.  Hop on over to The Road to Luton for pictures.